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Addison, Katherine – The Angel of the Crows

Ashley, Trisha – The Garden of Forgotten Wishes

Bender, Aimee- The Butterfly Lampshade
Bender, Aimee- The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake (Lotte’s review)
Bender, Aimee- The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake (Sophie’s review – contains spoilers)

Bardugo, Leigh – Six of Crows (Six of Crows #1)

Butcher, Jim – Peace Talks (Dresden Files #16)

Dickinson, Miranda – Our Story

Doyle, Glennon – Untamed

Hannah, Kristin – The Great Alone

Henry, Veronica – A Wedding at the Beach Hut (contains spoilers)

Lal, Tara J – Standing on My Brother’s Shoulders: Making Peace with Grief and Suicide

Lam, Laura & May, Elizabeth – Seven Devils

Lynn, Hannah – Peas, Carrots and an Aston Martin

Kane , P. L. – Her Husband’s Grave
Kane, P. L. – Her Last Secret
Kane, Paul – Cursed – An Anthology of Dark Fairy Tales

Kowal, Mary Robinette – The Calculating Stars (Lady Astronaut #1)
Kowal, Mary Robinette – The Fated Sky (Lady Astronaut #2)

Macneal, Elizabeth – The Doll Factory (Lotte’s review)
Macneal, Elizabeth – The Doll Factory (Sophie’s review)

Mallery, Susan – The Friendship List

Matthews, Carole – Sunny Days and Sea Breezes

May, Elizabeth & Lam, Laura – Seven Devils

Meyer, Scott – Off to Be the Wizard (Magic 2.0 #1)
Meyer, Scott – Spell or High Water (Magic 2.0 #2)
Meyer, Scott – An Unwelcomed Quest (Magic 2.0 #3)
Meyer, Scott – Fight and Flight (MAgic 2.0 #4)
Meyer, Scott – Out of Spite, Out of Mind (Magic 2.0 #5)
Meyer, Scott – The Vexed Generation (Magic 2.0 #6)

Morrissey, Jackie – Before I Die

North, Claire – The Sudden Appearance of Hope

Norup, H.S. – The Hungry Ghost

O’Regan, Marie – Cursed: An Anthology of Dark Fairy Tales

Park, Jessica – 180 Seconds

Pereira, Maximilian – Second Sight

Pinborough, Sarah – Dead to Her

Reid, Taylor Jenkins – The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Scalzi, John – The Last Emperox

Setterfield, Diane – Once Upon a River

Slaughter, Karin – The Silent Wife

St. James, Simone – The Broken Girls

Tyce, Harriet – Blood Orange (Lotte’s review)
Tyce, Harriet – Blood Orange (Sophie’s review – contains spoilers)

Watson, Mark – Contacts


P. L. kane: Her Husband’s Grave Blog Tour