Hi, I’m Lotte, owner of Lotte’s Library. The hope is to provide you with short reviews of books both recently released and historic. Like a library, I hope this will be a collection of a variety of books, reviewed by myself and guest reviewers Mark and Sophie.

I have held a love for reading from a very young age, pretty much aspiring to be Matilda! Over the years I have explored many genres and honestly enjoy reading a wide range of books. However, when I chanced upon Jodi Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper as a teenager I finally felt like I understood the world. She showed me that life was not black and white but rather shades of grey, which made so much more sense of all that I experienced. This was a turning point for me personally and I have found, time and time again, books have taught me many, many more things.

Now I try to read as often as I can because honestly, I just enjoy it so much.  I’m really excited to share my reviews with you and I hope you’ll find them honest and fair accounts of my experiences.

I also like getting recommendations so feel free to send me a message on my contact page. I’d love to hear from you!

Lotte x

My name is Sophie. I have always loved reading. Ever since I was little I have devoured books just as much as I have cake…. (which is a lot). I used to read all the time but since becoming a new mum I savour the time I get to read. I’m honest with my views and look forward to sharing them with you. Happy reading! X

Note from Lotte: Sophie is a wonderful friend of mine and a truly beautiful person. I’m honoured she’s going to share her reviews here.



My name is Mark, I’ve been an avid reader most of my life, and it’s my love of reading that led me to start www.walkerofworlds.com in 2007. Since then I’ve read and reviewed hundreds of novels, mainly in the speculative fiction genre, and specifically science fiction. I love me some good SF! Recently I’ve switched a lot of my consumption to audio books, while my more lenghty reviews have been published at www.sffworld.com. It’s always a pleasure to find a new voice or an interesting story, immersing myself to escape day-to-day life. As well as reading I can be often found gaming, with favourites including the Final Fantasy and Borderlands franchises.
Find me on: instagram, twitter, goodreads.

Note from Lotte: Mark happens to be my husband! Apart from being an amazing person and fantastic tea maker, he also reads cool books and I’m hoping his love of sci-fi will bring even more diversity to the reviews shared here.

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