The Sudden Appearance of Hope by Claire North

Reviewed by Lotte:

This is the life story of Hope Arden who is forgot by everyone just moments after they’ve seen her. This means she has had to work out a way to survive, stealing money to live as holding down a job is as impossible as living in a home that thinks you are a stranger.

I thought I was going to really enjoy this book because the premise sounded really good. I can’t say I really disliked it either. It was just a bit meh! There were some parts to the narrative that piqued my interest, but they mainly felt quite disconnected, even towards the end as the story was supposed to be coming together. Instead it felt like a series of anecdotes and not much more which was a shame because I felt the character and the complexities of not being remembered – the sheer scope of that – could have been utilised in a much better, more cohesive way. There was also the interesting Perfection app which featured on and off, but again I didn’t feel like this potential was played out enough.

I don’t think the monotony was helped by the first-person narration throughout making me feel like the whole thing was fairly bland. I would only recommend this if you’re looking for a filler book that doesn’t have much to it.

Author: Claire North
Publisher: Orbit
Release date: 17 May 2016

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