Blood Orange by Harriet Tyce

Reviewed by Sophie:
(Contains spoilers)

I’ve heard so many different opinions about this book so when a friend suggested it for our #lockdown read I was ready to form my own opinion.

This book frustrated me from start to finish… But I couldn’t put it down. I even read on after I had put my baby girl to sleep and should have been sleeping myself, just to know what was happening.

Firstly, the characters. Most had qualities that we all possess for example, Alison’s inability to just have one drink, (maybe that’s just me,) her questioning her own ability as a mother despite her being a strong women in her profession and her reliance on her husband’s opinion; Carl’s love for his daughter and his protective qualities ; Patrick’s blasé attitude. However these are also coupled with the need to want to punch every one of them in the face!! Alison’s inability to stop her affair, Patrick’s forceful sexual practices and Carl…well if you read the book you’ll know.

The plot itself was really good. I really couldn’t fault it. There were a couple of pet peeves I had though.
1) The title of the book I felt had not much relevance to the plot. The orange was mentioned a few times through the book and was given to Tilly the daughter as a snack and at the end for the same purpose. But had no relevance to anything meaningful that happened.
2) Also Carl… What can I say? I’m all for a manipulating character but the fact that he had sexual abused other people and had did the acts he did to Alison were very far fetch and then only briefly mentioned. There could have been more understanding to why he committed these acts, had they been happening throughout his relationship with Alison, has this behaviour been committed to Alison prior to their trip to Brighton?

Despite these questions that are still niggling me, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Definitely written in a way that is easy to read, but glad I finished it as I really need to sleep!

Author: Harriet Tyce
Publisher: Wildfire
Release date: 21 February 2019

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