The Doll Factory by Elizabeth Macneal

Reviewed by Sophie:

Well… I’ll be honest and upfront. This was a difficult one to get in to. I was truly perplexed until about 40 % into the book.

I then started to see that there was some plot.

I was confused by the characters. See no real need for the character of Silas at all until about 60% in.
I liked his obsession and how the author shows the instability of his mental state through him looking for signs that Iris is making contact with him. However, I feel that he has been made to be the typical strange stalker by his hobby and feel that this takes away from what happens.

The characters themselves I had no connection with and felt all of them to be very one dimensional and stereotypes of themselves; Albie the tough, scruffy urchin who has a soft heart; Louis the flamboyant artist who loves but wants to be free; Iris the model who wants to be loved but can’t and Silas the strange stalker. There are other secondary characters but to me there was no need for them.

The plot …… Well as I said I found it very difficult to find one until about halfway through and even then it didn’t pick up until 70% in and then it got going but unfortunately felt incredibly rushed.
I also felt the ending was poor and abrupt. After the build up throughout the book the actual action of the book was wrapped up quickly and with no explanation.

I still have no idea why the title is the dolls factory. There are many references to dolls and the fact that Silas could also be seen to make his own type of doll but I really don’t understand.

Overall, I think I missed why everyone has enjoyed this book.
Of the last 30% of this book was the whole book I would change my rating but it all just felt disjointed, as if it should behave been many different stories pushed into one

Author: Elizabeth Macneal
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Release date: 5 March 2020

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