The Friendship List by Susan Mallery


Reviewed by Sophie:

Quirky and funny. Thank you Netgalley and Mills & Boon for allowing me the opportunity to read this new novel.

The story explores the lives of a group of friends and how their lack of love life and commitment have effected each of their lives, individually.

This is the first time for me reading anything by this author and they write beautifully. Easy to read story with some laugh out loud moments. The story is set in America so at times the overall feel became difficult for me to feel involved in as a British reader. I felt it almost transported me into a sit-com rather than me feeling sympathy and empathy for the characters.

The story missed notes for me regarding characters ages. I myself, like the protagonists, am 34 however, I felt they were written much older and felt, mostly, no empathy for them. I’m aware that this is how their stories take them. Ellen, pregnant at 17, single parent who had to grow up before her time and Unity’s loss of her husband makes her seek solitude amongst a retirement community, but I just didn’t relate to either of them.

I enjoyed how Susan writes in a number of supporting characters , so it allows for a wider audience. It was refreshing to read as these smaller characters really helped support the main protagonists.

The character’s goals that they set themselves show some funny and lovely outcomes and the plot did keep me reading wanting to know how their stories ended. There is definitely opportunity for another book with these characters.

A genuinely nice story; a quick read and one for you to pick up with a cup of tea and a biscuit. Overall, a light-hearted read which I enjoyed.

You can find this book on Amazon.

Author: Susan Mallery
Publisher: HQN Books
Release date: 4 August 2020

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