An Unwelcome Quest (Magic 2.0 #3) by Scott Meyer

Reviewed by Lotte:

This third book in the Magic 2.0 series takes an entirely different approach. The main characters find themselves within a computer game, stripped of their magical abilities, with a series of quests they must undertake in order to find their way out of the game. The big question being: will they conquer and survive to tell the tale or will they succumb to the perils of the game.

This book was great! I really enjoyed the change in approach and was caught up in the varying tasks of the game. I think having it set within a magical world, with people that know ‘magic’ but cannot use it was as interesting dynamic. It gave the familiar feeling of human frustration! The quests themselves, along with the glitches and character reactions made it hilarious in places. Again, this was only enhanced by Luke Daniels narration, who once again took this story to the next level!

My only drag on this was that I found the repetition a little annoying when the second group arrived at the same task. I know it was supposed to show that the creator hadn’t planned for two groups, but I felt there was a missed opportunity there. Still it was a fun, light-hearted, easy read that I would recommend for those that enjoy fantasy with a touch of sci-fi.

Author: Scott Meyer
Publisher: 47North 
Release date: 10 February 2015

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