Out of Spite, Out of Mind (Magic 2.0 # 5) by Scott Meyer

Reviewed by Lotte:

Remember back in book two when we were introduced to the two Britts – Britt the younger and Britt the elder – and I wondered if things might get even more complicated than they already where. Well yep, that is exactly what happened in book 5 of the Magic 2.0 series! The Britts realise there are discrepancies in their memory, which should be identical. Cue Phillip wanting to save the day and help Britt the Elder, except he has to keep it secret, using his magical time-travelling powers to cover up or else upset Britt the Younger, his girlfriend, who just happens to despise her Elder self. If this wasn’t complicated enough, another character enters that takes the whole time-travelling paradox to a new level of confusion.

This book was good, but my word, it hurt my head trying to work out the Britts and how they fit into a timeline. It was incredibly easy to get lost down a very confusion stream of thought and distracted slightly from the story. However, it was good to have a different approach to the same clumsy antics and I particularly enjoyed the other more human elements that were interwoven into this book. Now that we know the characters well, it was good to see more of the details of their loves and that even magicians are prone to the same human difficulties, even if they do handle them differently.

This was another fun instalment to this easy reading, fantasy sci-fi hybrid. Once again, I listened to the audio version because Luke Daniels is just a genius!

Author: Scott Meyer
Publisher: Rocket Hat Industries
Release date: 19 December 2018

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