Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Reviewed by Lotte:

It’s time to get Untamed! Yes! In this memoir Glennon talks about how in the last 4 years she has found herself, finally hearing the voice within and vowing to never again abandon herself. She explores the conditioning within women and in society as a whole, offering alternative view points and ways to break those chains. To become free again. To become wild. To become Untamed. I decided to listen to Glennon narrate this on Audible which I think helped me to see it as she intended with the phrasing and emphasis in the right place. It certainly felt very moving.

I really enjoyed this book, I felt like it spoke to me on many levels. Hearing Glennon’s explanation of her perspective was informative and eye-opening. How wonderful to be able to appreciate another person’s experience of the world and the choices they are making. It’s like this book sung to different parts of my body and was healing in ways I could not have imagined. Prior to reading it, I was intrigued by the changes in Glennon’s life having followed her on Instagram and relating to the things she shares. What I did not expect was to learn so much from this book, to have so many things to consider with this altered perspective. I felt a myriad of emotions too, being moved to tears one moment to feeling called forth in a rally-cry of support and strength to support and uplift others.

It truly contained so many elements that I am certain I will re-read this many times. But for now, I feel I my understanding of the world has shifted, I’m analysing the way in which we’ve been conditioned to believe we should be a certain way. I’m realising that I am a god damn cheetah!

Author: Glennon Doyle
Publisher: Penguin Random House Audio
Release date: 10 March 2020

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